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The wearing of full face veils has nothing to do with the Religion and is not practiced by most.

According to an Islamic lady who went on TV to criticise the wearing of Burkas, etc these are woman at the behest of jealous men rather than being a religious requirement.

I imagine there is none better to comment.

To give her all credit she said that the various terrorist groups are not supported by the majority Muslims but that the majority only have a voice through so called "community leaders" whom no-one in the community has ever been asked if they want these individuals to represent them. She went on to say that the people who were acting in this "role" were favoured by the Left and the liberals because they conformed to their (Leftist) views and opinions, both thus feeding on their own partisan views for their own ends.

This was on the BBC as I recall but interestingly the interview seems to have been buried and not rebroadcast presumably because it does not fit the BBCs own agenda
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