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Yes, Mr D, but I'm a tad right-wing myself, and many pinkoes are indeed well heeled: Cripps, Strachey (commie for a while), Shawcross, Crossman, those Webbs, and so on. Here we had the rich (inherited) and pink (some say red) P E Trudeau, who rode around Montreal during the war on his Harley, wearing a Nazi helmet, and later bringing us the Canadian peso. Great fun. They get in the way of the lad o' pairts who is on his own. Had I but realised I'd have been in the USA long ago.

As for Lady Mosley, she was married to Sir Oswald. He was a fascist, at much the same time as Churchill expressed admiration of Mussolini and even Hitler. The "appeasers" are today represented as kow-towing to the European powers; but many of them did really hold right-wing views. More, I think, in the upper classes than in the lower. Anyway, the choice was, support: (a) Adolf and his concentration camps (the extermination camps came later) or (b) Uncle Joe and the Gulag. No one outside the systems knew much about either.

The Mitford I can't stand was Unity. Auschwitz defies, thank God, imagination, but her heartlessness does not, as she discussed, in the presence of the current (Jewish) occupants, how she would redecorate their Berlin apartment when she took occupancy .... after their eviction.

I am just a softy; too often, I fear, a bleeding heart: but she shot herself and to my mind it is a pity she made a hash of it. I have no sympathy.
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