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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
The LibDems ruled it out before the election
My understanding is that we ruled out a coalition with any of (a) May, (b) Corbyn, (c) a #brexit party, not that we ruled out any coalition at all.

So if the Tories were to sack May and rescind Article 50 (without any second referendum bollocks, obviously: just junk once and for all the whole stupid idea) then if I've understood this correctly we wouldn't be breaking our promise if we joined in. But even so I'm not sure I can see party members voting for it at the special conference. Possibly if PR were thrown in, proper PR not AV, guaranteed, without a referendum.

And there's no way the Tories would go for that lot, they're much happier with an climate change denying anti-gay creationist terrorist sympathising partner.
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