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Originally Posted by EGLD View Post
Age breakdown of Labour vote

18-24 9%
25-34 19%
35-44 20%
45-54 18%
55-64 18%
65+ 16%
Apologies to Jetex Jim, who has already mentioned this, but, a quick search has failed to produce any data that corroborates the above.

Maybe I was looking at the wrong sources of course.....however, possibly the figures were contrived to appeal to JB readers based on wishful thinking.

A reputable source and link should therefore prove an easy answer to the query.

And of course, you might have thought those on here who have such an impeccable scientific background would have questioned the veracity of the data immediately.....strangely enough however, bland acceptance turns out to be the case.

Any of you chaps thinking of putting yourselves forward for the two recent sits.vacant that have suddenly arisen ?

" Conventional wisdom seems to be that young people start of with idealistic left wing views, and that we shift right as we age. That might be partly true, given the smaller percentage of over 65s that voted Labour, but it's not much of a shift. Maybe the relatively large over 65 percentage was related to the ill-thought-through social care policies of the Conservatives

Never having been one to subscribe to conventional wisdom, or for that matter social convention in some areas of my life, I can cheerfully say I voted Labour due to an inherent detestation of Tory politics, Tory politicians ( except the few decent ones, rare though they are they do exist ) and the prospect of a thinly disguised autocratic and destabilising regime under the not so talented Theresa for the next five years.

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