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Originally Posted by Roland Pulfrew View Post
Got to say I like the look of the Saab Swordfish, especially with its trendy digital camouflage, but.......

Lets have a look at some of the claims in the glossy
Saab's briefer on Swordfish at various press things (ex-Nimrod) is extremely compelling.

What is that number? What types of buoy? What is the usage rate against a modern submarine?
Two ten-shot rotary launchers and two pressurised single launchers for smoke floats, bathy buoys etc. Racks for 112 A size (224 G or 336 F) buoys.

What is the impact on range and endurance with external stores? How many torpedoes can be carried? How are those weapons kept conditioned in flight?
More than 5.5 hours with weapons. Six torpedos can be carried, or four big ASMs. Because the MU90 uses new technology silver oxide aluminium batteries they don't need to be carried in an internal bay.

In comparison to what? Nimrod? P-8A?
Saab claim better than P-8.

Well at least that's a step up from the P-8A!!
I think Saab fully appreciate the importance of a mug of tea or a plate of 'honkers'!!!

Swordfish might make a great peacetime platform, but not convinced of its viability in this role in wartime.
Less than two thirds of the acquisition cost and half the Life Cycle Cost.
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