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Re my #10815 - I was nearly right.

It was the Tornado (effectively a RR Vulture powered Typhoon - only one production and a few prototypes built) that had the centre-section radiator and it caused problems with compressibility. Moving it to the familiar chin position was the solution.
Initially the Sabre was even more problematical than the Vulture so I guess that by the time one was ready to test they went straight for a chin radiator.

Megan's #10818
The earlier marks of Firefly had chin radiators (one is on long-term restoration to flight at Duxford) but later ones had them on the wing leading edges.

Presumably there's an excellent reason but it's far beyond my knowledge and probably understanding.

Re Fareastdrivers comments on the Centaurus and Sabre. According to Wiki, and I'm pretty sure I've previously read it elsewhere, an experimental Sabre produced 5,500 hp on test. That's spectacular from 37 litres.

There's a sound file of a Sabre on Lownslow's link which I must listen to one day. I believe they revved to around 4,000 which is also impressive for such a large engine.
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