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Hey Boy! What yew singin’ theah? Yew tell me sonny!
Yew singin’ blues for Singapore gal, li’l ol’ honey?
Yew say them eyes of blue, or mebbe brown, cryin’ real sad?
Account of what wuz done thar’ by an interferin’ cad;
A scrivening attorney, dull past all conception,
Peeping into innocent feminine deception.

Hot Dang! Boy! We gonna git him.
We gonna hit him.

She warn’t Charlotta the harlotta, the cowpuncher’s wicked moll,
Nor Charlatan the harlatan, nor any other scheming troll.
She wuz pore but she wuz honest; Well, honest more or less,
An’ none of youse is better, youse may as well confess.
Not Mr spork, nor Mr Risky, nor Mr Draper came to harm,
But that nameless Other went an’ raised a D. alarm.

We gonna have a trial, Boy. Yup: by heck.
We gonna hang him by the neck.

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