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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
Sadly, the government has no money, taxpayers provide the money, and we have a level of debt that exceeds that of Italy. Government simply cannot spend more money without either raising taxes or borrowing more from other countries. Borrowing more could have us heading for the situation of some of the basket case economies in Europe, like Greece.
The immediate cause for Britain becoming a basket case like Greece will be the collapse of the Brexit negotiations. TM has no friends in Europe. She will foolishly believe that she can intimidate Europe into a good deal for the UK. A satisfactory deal can't happen anyway because the failure of the negotiations will be systemic and not as a result of personalities. In the immediate aftermath of Brexit talks failure:

All British aircraft not covered by 1960's bilateral agreements will be grounded. (similar to volcanic ash 2010 or BA's IT failure but long term)

Airbus will shift their British production

Financial services passporting which generates huge revenue for the UK government will be terminated

Sharing of scientific research information to the UK will be stopped, significantly effecting UK research and development

The UK credit rating will continue to be cut causing higher debt repayment on lower tax revenue

Many other Catastrophic occurences

In 2 years TM will resign, she's already survived longer than I expected, the end for her is nigh though.

Britain is quickly committing suicide, sad but true.
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