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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
Oh really? Well, here's another uncomfortable fact for those who go on about "Tory cuts". Who can forget (although the Labourites may want to) Liam Byrnes infamous "theres no money left" note he wrote for the Treasury incumbents. He tried to dismiss it as a joke, but it was probably the only honest thing said by anyone in the last Labour government.

And the fools want to let them repeat the exercise
Government has sufficient money, we are the fifth (?) largest economy in the world. Overall we live in a land of plenty, a few at the top have excess, and a proportion at the bottom do not have enough. Money is wasted on Trident, a weapon system that were it ever used ( I believe it never will be) would contaminate a large area of our planet. Money is found for HS2, an unnecessary vanity project used to enhance the reputations of a few politicians. Remember the "banking crisis": the bankers messed up and held out their hands: government found the money.

So don't say there is NO MONEY, there is enough we just have to use it more wisely to benefit all society not.
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