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.... can well-empathise, Herr Drapes, re: techomillodgickal revolt by said suicidal puter.
Has niece who re-formatted this steam-driven mostronsity Pre-Pprune days. Haven't tried opening two windows at once since....

SG I accept your concession... on the proviso one's blanket- decisions re: catering trades reflect a more pragmatic and Shakespeare-esque flavour.. viz. a little learning is a dangerous thing....

. . . . . . Antipodean swans are, naturally, called simply swans down here.

. . .... . . have the recipe for jugged hare around s/where.... similar marinade to wot one uses for venison, actually.

. . . . in keeping with thread theme, didja know, Herr D., there's a slip-up on part of the photography in "Mrs. Brown"..? Look carefully in the background, when Billy and his brother are towelling off at the beach. You'll see a windsurfer scudding past in the distance.

. ...... .. Davaar...... any chance you could determine if SG's secretary has a sister.... ?

* * * discordant notes from Antipodoea * * *
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