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Stealth Vikings !!

It appears that Southern Sailplanes are well on the case of the 'hands on' recovery task, but the 'recovered airframes' are then subject to further scrutiny by the very company that caused the problem in the first place.
A bit like 'yes minister' without the humour.
In fact John Cleese is looking at a new series 'Yes Air Commodore' which does not even have to be scripted due to them being able to use actual records and documents direct from MOD.
Some of the best scenes will depict a 'boffin' sitting in his plastic bath; like Archimedes with a lap top. He then cries out to his wife CISTRS (My dear I have just designed the perfect glider replacement) We can buy the tubs from B&Q and make a fortune, and no need for silly winches or indeed anything!
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