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Originally Posted by racedo View Post
Jonathan Powell dislcosed as much ..........10 years ago that HMG was having discussions with PIRA since 1970's.
Twisting facts, or worse propagating an untruth to suit your agenda does not create new facts.

What really annoyed me was his statement that the British government had spoken with the IRA in 1972, then in 1974 and 1975, and that this had led rather seamlessly to the talks which began in the late 1980s. In fact, the talks with the IRA in 1972 were an unmitigated disaster. Democratic politicians were left out of the loop, the Irish government and parliamentarians ignored. The late William Whitelaw and a handful of mandarins and spooks felt it was about time they had a look at ‘these chaps’. The IRA delegation was over the moon. For them this was 1921 all over again.

The NI office and the security services were operating without the knowledge of HMG, there were no negotiations.
And of course, Powell became a Labour stooge who went on to have a book to sell.
I was there, 1974-76.
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