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This is a superb book on canine cognition.
It's very readable - and fascinating - but also quite emotive - clearly expressing the author's love for dogs.
I'd never owned a hound until 5 years ago.
We got a Maltese Schitzu - and being someone grounded in science and hard fact, I wanted to learn a bit more about this new creature I was looking after.
The book answers a lot of questions.
Why do they always want to be next to you, and sleep on the bed? Because they're pack animals.
What do they think and feel when you leave them alone in the house for the day, how sensitive is their sense of smell - really - what are the smartest breeds etc.
Our dog continues to amaze me.
He's by no means the sharpest knife in the drawer, but understands many words and commands.
They definitely feel, they have facial expressions (yep - and science is proving it) smile, look sad, depressed - and you become very attuned to their moods.
Lemmy - named after the bassist from Motorhead - is now a firm fifth member of the family.

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