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Originally Posted by Bob Lenahan View Post
We got a German Shepard just before he was 2 years old, and have had him for about 5.5 years. Have had a number of different animals before, but feel really close to this dog. A few questions- serious:
He's usually in the house. When we eat, does he wonder something like "you people eat a lot of different and interesting smelling food, and all i get is this dog food".
We're doing a lot of remodeling (actually we're still building), anyhow, does he sometimes think "why are you always building and painting" Does he notice?
I'm looking forward to your comments.
In order:

Yes, dogs do wonder about what their humans eat. Ever doubt this, save a tiny serving of whatever you're eating and watch Fido (or whomever) go after it with relish.

Regarding remodeling, et cetera... Yeah, they do pay attention, although they probably only understand that things are changing.

I'm pretty sure that what humans do have a mystifying effect on pets. They sense change, but can't alter it and for the most part don't understand it.

It can take months for a dog to really get comfortable with a doggy door once you install it.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and gerbils are smart enough to recognize a change in their environment. If you can remodel without too much interruption of a daily schedule, they'll do fine.

Otherwise, they'll rebel and start chewing on stuff.

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