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Originally Posted by artschool View Post
I was just wondering how long it might take to learn to fly one of these?

this would be for someone with no training but it would not be for commercial use.
The syllabus and hours needed to attain a PPL and IR certificate/ratings etc. have been covered on many other threads on this forum and vary greatly depending on the individual, but I would imagine your insurer would have the whip hand on deciding the timeframes from showing up at the airfield to commence PPL training to zipping about skies as PIC in a Honda Jet.

If you have the dough I'd buy one now, but would hire a corporate pilot to sit left seat with me sitting in the back with a large glass of champers and a smoking hot surgically enhanced nymphomaniac. You could even get dropped off out front of the flight school for your lessons, now that would impress the shit out of your fellow PPLers and instructor.

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