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Elizabeth Taylor walks into her plastic surgeon's office one day and says to him, "I'm getting married soon to my aerobics instructor. Over the years I have had my boobs done, my butt done and my face done. Now I would like to have down below done. So her doctor says, "sure, that's no problem".
Elizabeth adds: "but there's just one thing I ask of you, and that is to keep this a secret from everyone. I am tired of the press and the public knowing about every little thing I have done."
So her doctor says, "That's no problem. Consider it done."
The next week comes around and Elizabeth is waking up from her surgery. To her shock she sees three bunches of flowers with cards sitting on the table next to her. Her doctor comes in and she starts yelling because she assumes that her secret is out.
Her doctor calms her down and said. "You misunderstand. The first set of flowers is from me. I would just like to thank you for all the work you have given me throughout the years. The second bunch of flowers is from the nurses who wish you a good recovery. And the third bunch of flowers is from Uncle Jim down the hall who would like to thank you for his new set of ears."
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