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Sharing jackets?

I was wondering what the general consensus is regarding the new policy that is being implemented by the company I'm employed by.

Until today, each member of the aircrew was issued with their own personal lifejacket.
Yesterday we were informed that as from tomorrow, there will now be two jackets dedicated to each aircraft and the crews have to share these.
This wouldn't be too much of a problem if we were flying fixed wing and sitting in a nice cool cockpit but we are not.

We generally fly for about 4 hours each morning then another crew takes over for the afternoon's flying.
By the end of our flying, the jackets are normally quite damp from sweat as where we are is very hot and humid and we hang the damp jackets up to dry until they are needed again.
Now however, management expects the incoming crews to wear these jackets after they have been given "a bit of a wipe down" with a damp cloth, something that we are not happy to do.

Do other Pruners consider we are being unreasonable in not wishing to wear LJs that are damp with other people's sweat and possibly smelling of BO?
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