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The light that burns 'forever'

Frelon you are so correct in your missive. The organisation (as was) gave us an opportunity to make what we could of the ability to get airborne and even go solo in HM machine. The fact this was absolutely classless and not really cost restrictive was the added bonus. The system rewarded 'EFFORT' and also encouraged high standards plus self development. The level of leadership shown by those running the actual schools (as were) was evidenced by the amount of delegation shown to all levels of both pupils and staff alike, and how it stayed with them in adult life. To be a staff cadet on a school was an amazing experience, and it occurred at an age that set the datum for later life. I well remember when the CCF cadets came on a continuous course how surprised they were to find most of the actual jobs being done by other cadets, and we all got on so well together with mass collections of the cadets (at food times) by the 1 ton Austin being driven usually by another cadet. It sparked a light that could never be extinguished, and is still as bright in my case 54 years later.
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