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planesandthings and cats_five (and possibly others) whilst your comments are well meaning you should remember that the UK Air Cadet gliding operation, when at it's peak, sent hundreds of enthusiastic cadets solo each year. Few of these cadets had transport to get to their local club nor the funds to pay for their gliding (even at junior rates). Remember this was not about turning these 16 year olds into super soaring pilots but to train them to fly one of Her Majesty's gliders safely round the circuit. This process involved team work and many other skills associated with learning to fly and gave them new found confidence in themselves. At the end of this process they had the choice of trying to find the funds to continue to fly with a local gliding club, or if selected becoming a staff cadet. Few that I knew of continued with a club,

Despite this most cadets remember their gliding courses with a great degree of fondness. It is interesting to see how many ex cadets come to my gliding club to take up gliding (again) as an adult indicating that they could not afford to do it before!
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