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Originally Posted by Chris the Robot View Post
If you're going to be working in Eastern Europe, then you'll need to learn a language and whilst many people would be capable of doing so, we Brits, being on an island and speaking one of the most spoken languages in the world, aren't always too good at that. I'm certainly not and neither are a lot of people I know, of course I'd like to learn sometime though. I imagine the uncertainties of Brexit apply too.
I think pretty much everywhere you go nowadays people know even basic English, but anyway, where is the guarantee that easyJet are gonna base you in an English speaking country?

The chances of smartlynx basing us in Eastern Europe are very slim as a matter of fact, by far most of their contracts are actually in Western Europe and have been for the last number of years, and U.K. bases/contracts to be specific.
You're right about the adventure part, there is always the chance of them pulling you off standby to go fly ad hoc last minute, as happened recently when Vueling got Smartlynx to operate their Barcelona - Dublin rotation at the last minute. I don't know about others but I personally don't mind this really.
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