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Originally Posted by TelsBoy View Post
Three years down the line, lots of cash spent, number of serviceable airframes still in the low single figures, ongoing issues with the 109, with no improvement in sight at all. RAFGSA providing GS in minimal numbers, however I know of at least one club that won't allow Cdts solo unless they are of an "exceptional" standard as they're frightened a kid will prang the two seater.

I am still waiting for the increased AEF opportunities that were promised to appear, I won't hold my breath. At least one of my Cdts got his GS recently, albeit as I say without going solo, which for me defies the whole point of GS.
A shame to hear that cadet solos are being restricted. I've seen plenty of examples of most GSA clubs having sent under 16s solo under BGA regs so I suspect it's an issue with the ACO directly, and I imagine GS is offered at minimal numbers because as you'd expect, the club's members and interests come first.

Once again, the answer is, if cadets want to glide they should be strongly advised to apply for the many civilian gliding scholarships across the country which provide far better pathways than the ACO will ever do again.

Not sure about the specifics in your case, but GS was never built on any guarantee of solo, it's the same with ACPS, a number of people do not meet the satisfactory standard in the time and funding given, fact of life with the ACO. Encourage him to look at continuing in the BGA however.
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