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I imagine part of the EZY appeal is the lack of a language barrier, if you're going to be doing your training in the UK/NZ/US and working in the UK afterwards then you don't have to think about learning a new language and the associated national culture before/during training.

If you're going to be working in Eastern Europe, then you'll need to learn a language and whilst many people would be capable of doing so, we Brits, being on an island and speaking one of the most spoken languages in the world, aren't always too good at that. I'm certainly not and neither are a lot of people I know, of course I'd like to learn sometime though. I imagine the uncertainties of Brexit apply too.

Of course, the Smartlynx programme appears to be better value than EZY, not that it is necessarily cheap or easily affordable by any standards. I do reckon though that you'd need to up for a bit of adventure to go for it.
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