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I'm well aware of the situation at eJ having been here for 4 years! The fact is you are not just paying for training, you are paying a premium for a certain as you'll find a guarantee of a job with one of the most secure airlines in europe! I can assure you that 6 years is not unrealistic for command at the moment either.

Look, everyone makes different choices for different reasons, but the "my license is just the same as yours" or "my 320 is just the same as yours" is only valid to a certain extent. You pay a premium for these courses as you know wherever you start with ej, within 1-2 years if you so wish you can be based anywhere in western europe in a city of your choice and if you work hard have a command after 3500 hours. That's the bottom line.

If your aim is to be at ej in CDG/LGW or SXF etc then trying to save 50k and run the risk of having to apply as a DEFO seems a little silly...
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