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Originally Posted by UberPilot View Post
You're not spending 50k more just to fly an orange 320 instead of a white one; you're spending the extra money to join a FTSE 100 company with continued forecast growth, a potential command after 6 years and world wide recognised training. Not to mention bases in western Europe, pension, security etc
You are paying for your training, it's somewhat absurd to think you are paying towards the airline. By all means pay it, you clearly haven't worked for that 125,000 otherwise you would take exception to it and want to know where it is going. This is flight training, not a restaurant. Higher costs don't quite equate to better training in all circumstances. You get taught how to fly and once you go to a competent enough school there is no difference. Unless you want t to say you went to Oxford ... coming back to those who clearly do not know just what 125,000 is. You appear to be a victim of the hype they create. CTC and OAA charge more cos they know the likes of you will pay it. I hope they start charging 150k.

Command at 6 years? Not anymore from current easyjet pilots I have spoken to.

You're so focused on easyJet? No problem. Has it occurred to you that you can train for 50k less, get 500hrs and within the year join easyJet as direct entry? You would have saved a fortune and have the exact same job as those who were too blind to see that they were paying so much more just for a name.

Go and speak to any pilot in the business, I am fairly certain they will react with shock and horror when they hear 125,000. Then try and justify it to them with "but it's CTC, they give the best training so they charge a lot". They will tell you the rest.
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