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During the '90s when we were running an Air Experience operation at Halton for cadets using Cyclone AX3 microlights (with the full knowledge of HQAC) I took several cadets for their 'first ever' flights and I'm sure they enjoyed this as much as they would have a Bulldog. OK so it was slow (cruise about 50kt) and not aerobattable but at least they were getting airborne and were able to fly the aircraft themselves and they weren't confronted with a huge instrument panel, just one like a Sedburgh but with engine instruments(CHT/rpm) added.
Halton Aero Club is flying Air Cadets at RAF Halton with HQAC permission and 2FTS authorisation. The last time I looked they had flown ~180 Cadets since Summer last year. The money is non-taxpayers through fundraising and donations.

Every little helps!

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