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Just a thought

Well Beardy At least we have not forgotten what this is really all about.
Whilst this thread continues we will 'remind' those at the top what is possible using volunteers and enthusiasm with real aircraft rather than clip boards facebook and Part Task Trainers.
Before I leave the Bulldog / Grob topic I am reminded that some years back we had a Victa Airtourer (150) at Lands End.
Now I admit it was short on wing area but it could do upward charlies all day and coped with our rather 'windy' location very well.
Does anyone know if the MOD/RAF ever evaluated it !!!
It was slightly different from the 'norm in that it had a centre control stick (with spade grip) and a hand brake, plus nosewheel steering on the rudder.
Built by a lawnmower company (orig in AUS) (later in NZ) there are many still operating over there. The handling was very 'crisp' and I seem to recall the min approach speed 65. Not very forgiving if you let the speed wander off during the final turn, but probably a good lead in to more advanced types as per RAF usage.
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