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Bulldog v Tutor

Beagle looked up the site and was interested to see that the PP drivers also thought the 'roll rate' was poor (on both) but could be improved by doing a 'flick roll'. I am not entirely sure that Grob cleared the Tutor for that and of course this would have led to extra loading around the tail unit and a consequent spate of cracking. However what was considered the datum machine for 'aileron only roll' !!, as I thought the Stampe took some beating in that regime; but was quite a 'mature' machine by then. Certainly the 'flickable' biplanes had extra bracing around the tail and entry speeds were always relatively slow. On a completely different scale our Beta and Cassut racers at Redhill rolled like a demon with just two fingers. Anyway that's pushed the thread creep up but not assisting the Cadets to get back into some proper glider training unfortunately.
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