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Originally Posted by DaveUnwin View Post
The Pup 100 is one of the sweetest handling aircraft I've ever flown (if a bit gutless). I would LOVE to test the SAH-1. Everything I've ever read says it really is superb. Bulldogs are nice, but heavy - and slow for 200hp and a C/S prop. Blatant plug - my test of the only Bulldog 200 ever made hits the High St. soon!
I agree about the Pup except for the 'gutless' bit. It was about the same power and weight as a C150 but with higher wing loading which meant it took longer to unstick, but made it easy to land and at least you felt you were flying it properly as its control response was far better than the Cessna. Unfortunately, I only checked out on it at Blackbushe a few months before increased airfield charges meant the club had to reduce the number of aircraft it operated and as only myself and a young lady were regular users, it had to go.
Never flew the SAH-1 but I believe it's still around under another name, the 'FLS Sprint.' It used to operate around the Fairoaks/Dunsfold area but last I heard it was I think at Old Sarum.
That canopy is of similar size and shape to the Eurostar. This has an 80hp Rotax 912 engine giving about 90kt cruise and a stall speed with flaps in the order of 40kt. It can be had as a microlight or Group A aircraft, so maybe for air experience that would be sufficient.

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