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Originally Posted by DC3 Dave View Post
I can't believe that 'shit happens' is an acceptable or appropriate response and I doubt very much anyone directly affected would take that view whether or not they use social media.

If a flight is cancelled for good reason, that's one thing. But the airline is required to either refund the ticket or make alternative provision for its customers including consequential costs such as hotel accommodation.

It's a pretty poor attitude if a multi-billion pound industry wrings its hands and takes a 'Not my problem, guv' stance.
Pick the parts you want to read !
Shit dose happen but I also said the airport worked hard with the airlines to sort the situation for the people involved not once has anyone wrote the airport or airlines said nothing I can do go away it sounds to me your making up your own story I had family traveling to Ireland they missed the flight which was held 15 mins so the airline waited as long as possible they were re booked FREE of charge on to the next flight so I guess all that could have been done was done and yes I stand by my statement shit does happen this was a technical issue not a deliberate act to make people miss flights
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