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Originally Posted by wowzz View Post
I think we can all agree that these things happen. However, there seems to have been a distinct lack of management skills - one person fainting, no information being given, no queue control. Looks like there is a distinct lack of crisis control.
Wowzz unless you were there I don't think you are qualified to comment
I don't think you have thought about what you are saying
At that time of the day and from the pictures all over social media it's easy to see nothing could have been done to sort the situation out any quicker and if you think about it 400 passengers is a very small amount of people if you consider how many flights were departing at that time of the day just how would you start managing that amount of people into any sort of a micro queue and regarding a passenger fainting just how could this have been prevented
We all agree it was a bad morning at the airport but this sort of things happen all the time all over the world I'm sure the airlines and airport worked together as best they could to get people to where they needed to be as quickly as possible yes people were unhappy but this is life things happen we deal with it and move on.
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