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Jerimiah Weed Bourbon

I've done some searching and found a potted history of why JW is so strongly associated with Fast Jet Aircrew https://fightersweep.com/1233/fighte...jeremiah-weed/ (contains a nice link to drinking an "Afterburner" too.)

the question I have is which of the three varieties of spiced whiskey is the most appropos? Spiced, Cinnamon or Sarsparilla?

The reason is that BWS have the Spiced and Cinnamon in stock and I want to try one.

As the story in the link goes, the JW was the last remaining liquor in the bar for the afterburner shots and I'm wondering if this is in the same category of drinks as Cinzano Bianco and Advocaat, being the remaining drinks in the bar because they are so unpopular?

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