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Ummm yeah I saw the share price earlier and had to google what had happened. As ever though with this industry we swing from one up to another down etc etc. I don't like admitting it but it seems the guys at the top may know what they are doing. The only sting in there was "our unit cost is still to high". Probably true but I doubt it's aimed in the direction of flight ops.

On a side note and more to the topic I flew with a new FPP recently so there is still some draw off the pool. A few friends of mine who went LH and were part time on SH have also decided that they will be keeping their part time on LH.

Ah yes one other thing was that the noises about pension sustainability from the company would seem to indicate that there could be some large changes for NAPS and APS on the horizon. I am no pension expert but the number of guys who have said "I am only hear for the pension, or the day that looks like it will close I will go part time and start drawing it" could change things with respect recruitment going forward.

Maybe it's overly positive but I certainly sympathise with those who have worked so hard to get into the pool.
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