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He is quoted to talk about his medical condition. Did that condition occur during flight? Did he know that he had a condition that required him to stretch his legs but booked the flight in coach anyway thinking there was no way they were going to deny him when he self-upgraded? I once was seated in the middle seat of the outside triplet on a 747 between 2 very large (obese) people. They were a married couple. When I offered to let them my seat so they could sit beside each other they said no, they were to wide to sit side by side so they booked an aisle and window so they could impinge on the person in between. Being a meek and mild person, I put up with this for our 9 hour flight but inside I was wishing there was a way I could push them out of the plane. They knew they needed larger seats but they took advantage. That is the way I see this passenger, taking advantage of the system.
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