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I am guessing the guys will be thankful for your congrats, as they would be thankful of all the support they have received from all the others.

But it is not about ANG being cautious next time, nor is it about the next contract being a battle.

It is about what ANG did in 2015, which the court found wanting. And that court has apparently ordered that 2015 contract as null and void.

That Take It Or Leave It Contract had pilots being hit with a cut of around 20%, which after 2.5 years will add up to an horrendous amount of money owed as backpay. Not taking into account travel, WDO, other conditions removed.

This is very serious, will be extremely expensive, and most likely has some serious implications on the future of ANG.

All for the sake of not even an attempt at negotiating, the arrogance of it all was astounding.

So it is more than simply considering the next contract negotiations, and will take some very cool heads on BOTH sides to negotiate a way through it.

But a big Hoorah for the PNG Legal system.
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