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My thoughts; I've been doing it for about 25 years and have had two or three low periods where I was 'over it' but for whatever reasons ( I don't know) I kept at it and I'm happy now.
There is some good advice above so all I'll add is that either way, stay or go, it's not the end of the world. Problems like this can seem overwhelming but the reality is you can have a happy life if you carry on, and you can have a happy life if you chuck it in and see what life offers up next.
Who knows, the flying part of your life might just be an interesting dinner story when you are the head of a global charity or a famous sportsperson or even better, Jo Bloggs earning average money with a healthy happy family.
When I was 22 I wrongly attached my identity to aviation. ( I think this is quite common with young people) . As you get older you realise that your identity is other things, how you look after your family, how you contribute to your community, whether people can trust and rely on you, whether you give as much as you take from relationships, that sort of thing is much more important than which way you choose to bring money into the household.
So, my rambling opinion is, it doesn't matter mate. Make the best decision you can and then don't look back.
( also, share your concerns with someone , doesn't matter who, but have a chat about it.)
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