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Wanting to quit aviation

This is my first time here so sorry if I've this in the wrong place, but I'm just wanting some opinions/guidance.

Im a pilot in OZ and have been training full time for a while now, and am getting pretty close to my CPL (in about 15 hours if we go by the minimums).

When I first started training I absolutely loved it, I loved getting up in the air and doing any kind of training, whether it be circuits or just practising turns or stalls I loved it all. But over 130 hours down the track It just a'int the same, every time I strap myself to that aircraft it seems like a chore and a burden, and I'm starting to hate it. The passions just gone, and I very really get a kick out of heading up anymore, it doesn't seem to much of a difference what I'm doing (although I'm mostly doing upper air work in preparation for my CPL) or if I'm with an instructor or solo.

There is a word I could use to describe how I'm feeling starting with a "D" but I was told early in my training to never talk about feelings like that (especially to a DOC) , at risk of losing any chance of staying in this industry. (I would just like to say that no I'm not going to do anything stupid or place anyone in risk or danger I would NEVER do anything like that, and I don't feel like that in any way.)

Anyway after completing my CPL I'm meant to be going and doing Instrument work to finish of my qualification/training, however I feel that I don't want to be flying aircraft anymore.
Im not sure if I should just push on and try and complete my training or chuck it all in now (what I feel like I want to do).

It might be worth me adding that I have now have a sizeable loan from the the GOV, and if i pull out now it will affect my eligibility to get a GOV loan and do any training in any other industry in the future as I have not completed this course. And if I do leave the training now I will have nothing to show and a massive loan to payback (already north of 50K) with no other qualifications and virtually no earning potential. If I were to continue at the moment if would feel like only a means to an end, and to have something to show that would hopefully lead to job and a way to pay back my loan.

So what does anyone think? Has anyone else felt like this and wanted to turn there back on aviation, if so what did you do, did you enjoy it again?

Thanks, and any advice greatly appreciated
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