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36,000 + 10,000 for a Second Officer.

If you're joining as a First officer, it's 81,000 + 14,000 housing, but before tax
(15% normally, double tax the first year), hardly 100,000 HKD after tax!

I have yet to meet a DEFO, but yes, it works for a single guy and even is a decent salary. Not so much to take care of a family.

If you come as a DEFO, it means you have experience, maybe a command already and might be employable in a major back home. I'd say lifestyle on starting salary would be similar to your current lifestyle in your home country, except you won't be able to buy a place, and the place you will be renting will be much smaller than the one you have in your home country (half the size at the most).

Please, just don't complain to me afterwards about how life is expensive in HK, how your (future) wife hates the pollution or how hard it is to commute.

I wish someone could post the letter written by one of our new hires to the AoA, complaining about how difficult he's having it on his current salary.

To live comfortably, I'd say you would need that same basic salary + 65,000HKD as housing in order to rent a place almost as big as the one you have back home. So 145,000HKD
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