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This is a significant victory. For many, many reasons. For, the rule of law (at least in as much that it has been recognised that the PNG judicial system is prepared to apply it), for the one individual (CP, good on you mate) whose dismissal and subsequent appeal became the catalyst for the NAPU and PNGAPA to also become a party to the appeal...a victory for that lousy, abhorrent "B" scale pay that has become part of the aviation industry, a victory for the National pilots who were most affected by the "B" scale and most of all a victory for common decency and respect. Hopefully it also sees the removal of the Board and the CEO and senior management. This has been a lesson in "Lousy management 101"...and how NOT to deal with people...railroading and "wiping your feet" on people has never worked and it didn't work in this instance. Human Remains at it's absolute worst...

A great deal could be written about this whole debacle however the comments from above sum it up better than I ever could...

The saddest thing is that the today’s result was totally unnecessary. &...So for PX the ”chooks have come home to roost”, over 100 Expats and Nationals have left, taking towards a million hours of experience with them.

In any case for those pilots that stuck around PA, AF, AV and all the rest I hope now that some sort of sense and structure comes back into your lives and the carnage that was visited on the pilots of a once proud airline can be remedied.
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