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Pilot's prerogative.....why not?

Just remember there needs to be some SOP's that grant flexibility but also provide some structure so everyone is on the same page and each knows what the other is supposed to be doing with the idea of making sure nothing gets overlooked or there be confusion as to who is supposed to be doing a particular task.

Anyone remember that infamous BA Memorandum about Change of Duties during a Missed Approach.....the one written Tongue in Cheek but very clearly pointed out how confusing some things can be?

You 92 Drivers out there....two FMS control for each by the Left Knee of the Right Seat Pilot and the other by the Right Knee of the Left Seat Pilot?

Is there not a Collective Switch that affords either pilot the ability to change Heading settings?

What about a Cyclic Button (Coolie Hat) there one of those?

Just how many ways are there of altering the "Heading" or "Course Flown" by a Pilot flying a 92?
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