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Having flown stuff that now sits in museums, I was slowly introduced to increasing levels of automation. So far, the automation is still "dumb" in that it does everything you tell it to, very smoothly but with a profound lack of SA. You as the pilot will have to provide the SA.
Which is why I hardly ever use NAV mode. The AP will happily fly me into a rock of a thunderstorm blindly following the signals it is designed to follow. Whenever there might be a need to adjust track for avoidance purpuses, HDG is my preferred mode as it only takes a simple turn of the knob or a flick to the coolie hat to move into the desired direction, usually away from potential trouble. Especially low level I want to have full and immediate control over where we are going. And when there is doubt, there is no doubt: Go around and try again. Better to arrive a bit late in this life than much too early in the next one..
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