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Originally Posted by TurboProp2120 View Post
Agreed. The old Norfolk Jet also left a very long line of unhappy creditors, including more than $500,000 in landing fees to the administration.

This time they are operating a three class cabin well above Air NZ prices.

Example, flying BNE to NLK on 17/06:
NIA: $277 - Economy / $525 Premium / $612 Business
ANZ: $277 - Seat+Bag / $307 - TheWorks / $372 - The Works Deluxe

Return prices are the same.

I will watch this incarnation with interest but feel it may be like watching a long slow train crash. Just don't book your tickets in advanced.
air services of some sort, have to be underwritten to Norfolk by OZ govts, otherwise the Chinese, will "move in". Do we really want China so close ?

The works & works deluxe fares above are economy, not business class I believe.
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