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Originally Posted by AerialPerspective View Post
Not the case I don't think. In the OzJet days, OzJet flew for a fee and the 'Island' just paid the fees and tried to make a profit out of the cost of paying O7 vs the fares it charged.
It got complicated because Norfolk Air as it was then didn't have an AOC, thus didn't have an IATA code so could not do anything beyond basically paying for OzJet to operate the route which at the time was codeshared with QF.
Likely ON couldn't care less. If they're told they'll be paid x amount of $ per hour and it covers their costs then they don't care if Norfolk don't make a profit, that's Norfolk's problem. The problem with the Island is that there are people there who, let's face it, live a pretty isolated life, they're not 'world-wise' and they think they know everything there is to know about running an airline and even with bringing people in from outside in the past they have completely fallen flat on their face and presumably will do this time as facts don't change. ON likely know that they will get their money either way because likely, as in the past, the Commonwealth will bail them out (the Island that is). To get an idea of the parochialism one only has to talk to a few people at BNE Airport some 10 or so years ago and the type of behavior exhibited by certain persons in a position of responsibility on the Island when confronted with not being able to be checked in... a tirade of foul abuse is an understatement... and everyone would know who I was talking about... that were involved. What I'm getting at is there is a certain arrogance and a demonstrated inability to learn from mistakes. Most of the people on the Island are welcoming and lovely people but there are a small band who have been down this road before and it's always ended in financial turmoil... feel free to offer examples to refute that if someone has them.
Agreed. The old Norfolk Jet also left a very long line of unhappy creditors, including more than $500,000 in landing fees to the administration.

This time they are operating a three class cabin well above Air NZ prices.

Example, flying BNE to NLK on 17/06:
NIA: $277 - Economy / $525 Premium / $612 Business
ANZ: $277 - Seat+Bag / $307 - TheWorks / $372 - The Works Deluxe

Return prices are the same.

I will watch this incarnation with interest but feel it may be like watching a long slow train crash. Just don't book your tickets in advanced.
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