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We teach the PM selects the required heading, whether the chart calls for it, or the PF calls for it...I don't like it that way whilst in coupled flight, but I "don't" see it as an error should the PF make the heading bug changes during a check flight. My thinking of it is I don't like to change the fundamentals of what I'm used to for single pilot IFR, that is, the PF does the flying and there is no ambiguity as to who is responsible for what. But for 2-crew, as long as there is consistency for the various actions between the crew, and it has been briefed beforehand, or the responsibilities are otherwise previously well established by operator SOP.

If I understand it, there is a single channel of the CVR that records the microphone input from both rear crew, so who said what in that channel of the CVR transcript I don't know. Can somebody from the SAR community clarify the respective roles of each of the two rear crew during this phase of flight, and what equipment was available at each crew station? I'm only used to having one crewman bark at me should there be any need for barking, and if a bark is required, it's usually very loud and clear.

Also, the CVR transcript indicates an ELT ping was transmitted on impact with the rock. Do we know if this was detected by a satellite? And also, some comment on the pros/cons of having a Captain assigned to a co-pilot role. I think there is potential for some dysfunction in a crew when there is no cockpit gradient, and I know myself I tend to be slightly less vigilant as a co-pilot if I'm playing co-pilot to another Captain. And the Captain tends to be less vigilant if he's got another Captain playing co-pilot. The whole nature of the cockpit is different with two Captains flying together. Might this explain why there wasn't much communication between the pilots?

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