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Originally Posted by Pltnorway View Post
That is a very valid question.

With the radar set to 10 NM range on the PM's (copilot) NAV screen in this case, the waypoint symbol for "BLKMO" would hide the radar return from Blackrock. If using 5 NM, or even better 2.5 NM range, the return from Blackrock would be relatively larger than the waypoint symbol, and hence get your attention.

I tried this a couple of days ago (in the S92 with the Primus 701A radar) using an oil rig as "Blackrock". With 10 NM range, GMAP2, optimal gain and tilt, and at a distance of 1-2 NM from the oil rig it was very difficult to actually spot the return because of the waypoint symbol. Blackrock might have given a slightly larger return than an oil rig though.
To add another relevant part to the question - both the waypoint symbol and the strongest GMAP returns are magenta. It may well be that a particular range set up will result in the Blackrock return being somewhat masked by the waypoint symbol and labelling, and I'm sure the AAIU will replicate the conditions. More so, if the illumination levels are dimmed down to enhance night vision.

On that point, I feel that Al-berts' rather pejorative remarks about "children of the magenta line" are misplaced in this context. The expression usually refers to young pilots that have never known anything other than glass cockpits and automation - in this case both pilots had spent 20 odd years each flying S61s. Relative newcomers to the magenta line perhaps.....
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