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Originally Posted by b1lanc View Post

Just my opinion, but all of this is reflective of the society we now live in. It's easier (and more timely in a very time constrained world) to eliminate issues immediately rather than to take the time to deal with them in a common sense manner. Life is now moving too fast to negotiate and certainly to investigate the facts and get to the ground truth as a means to a proper solution.
That's part of the story, but I believe a larger part stems from the propensity of power to corrupt. Our post-9/11 security hysteria has placed, in the hands of flight attendants, gate staff, and pretty much everyone employed at an airport, the power to ruin anyone's day by labeling them a 'security threat'.

In the past, none of the hiring or training practices for those positions needed to be particularly nuanced at screening out those with a propensity to bully or with similar psychiatric impairments, because they had little power to harrass others. With that having changed, the hiring, screening, training, and supervisory practices may have been slow to catch up.
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