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Originally Posted by Skillsy View Post
What surprises me with everyone now having a camera in their hand is why this sort of situation has taken so long to actually occur and why protocols to protect the airline were not drawn up for circumstances like this. Image if this was someone returning for a funeral/end of life situation being asked to miss a loved one slipping away?

The second thing is why did security went all ballistic initially? There are a number of basic methods including non-confrontational/physical methods. I would expect a pub bouncer to have more acumen than those who perpetrated the alleged assault on the Doctor.

Finally, as this was spiraling out of control, where was the voice of reason from a senior ground crew member? Phones recording the carnage everywhere videoing a paying passenger bleeding, being dragged from the plane... what could possibly go wrong?

We don't know what the LEO's were told by whoever summoned them - possibly they were told he'd been disruptive and dangerous. In that case, the person who misrepresented the situation is significantly to blame.

I note that an eyewitness said that the person who tried to obtain 'volunteers' was less than pleasant:

Powell said he understood the airline's reasoning for removing passengers, but he didn't understand why they didn't take care of the situation before boarding or why the supervisor who handled it did so with such an annoyed, "belligerent" tone.

"The tone immediately turned me off," Powell said. "She accelerated the situation. It was poor leadership."
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