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Originally Posted by SASless View Post
So....we know Blackrock was not correctly represented in the current database....and there is no effective procedure to correct known deficiencies?
There is a procedure, but as I mentioned, I tried to get an update happening for the area I was operating in but didn't follow it through because, after the exchange of several emails, I sensed I'd get nowhere with it for a very long time. The terrain and obstacle database subscription update service was expensive, and the data of our area was either wrong, or missing. The effectiveness of the system predicated on incomplete data was thus compromised, with little prospect of getting it corrected, and I would never rely on it for operational use. We just decided to opt out of paying for the update service altogether. For terrain avoidance in coastal areas I could always rely on the aircraft weather radar, and it was free. We did however stick with navdata update services as a current navdata is required to despatch an IFR helicopter in IMC. There is no such requirement for the terrain/obstacle database to be current.

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