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Having read all the posts and the accident report, two things seem to point towards a crew that were perhaps a bit too relaxed and complacent. Mention is made that there was very little conversation being carried on in the aircraft other than for operational reasons and secondly the pilot taking four seconds to question the instructions from the rear crew member warning of an obstruction ahead, then using the autopilot heading change to alter course.

I appreciate that scud running at 200 feet in the dark is no place to be suddenly taking manual control and flying a violent evasive manoeuvre without warning.

But I am struck by how laid back the crew were, especially considering that neither pilot had operated into that area for some time and there is no mention in the report of briefing for possible hazards on the approach or a missed approach procedure. That would surely have been mentioned even at this early stage of the investigation.

Do we end up with a fully fitted out SAR helicopter involved in CFIT due to complacency, or is there some deeper fault with the system that goes beyond having maps that showed different and insufficient details of hazards depending on the scale selected.
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