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Originally Posted by GKaplan View Post
Barometric altitude bug: when the a/c descends below the preset altitude you get a "MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS" aural alert. I suppose that makes sense as the minimums used for normal instrument approaches are altitudes (DA, MDA).

When the a/c descends below the RADALT bug, you get an "ALTITUDE, ALTITUDE" aural alert.
This is the behaviour in the S92? What I'm familiar with, in a non-SAR Honeywell cockpit, when you arrive at, descend below, or climb above a preset altitude you just get a single beep and a visual warning. When you descend below a bugged radalt height you just get a light on the analog radalt display with no aural warning, or when you descend towards a set DH, which is referenced to the radalt (and not barometric altitude), you get MINIMA MINIMA aural warning, and a visual warning.
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