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Originally Posted by gulliBell View Post
I'd like to read that page of text before I condemn the APBSS route guide map as utter rubbish.
As a starting point, what do you infer the "route" to be?

With respect, there is an obvious inference to be made. Accepting that, it seems to be perfectly fine.

It can't be adapted for something else than it was intended without careful considerations of other factors.

Editing for further response to GulliBell and SASless below.

If it is used for what it actually was intended to be used for, I don't dispute its approval by the Chief pilot or other company operations people. It's fine for that. The problem starts when "IAP" is imagined to attach to BLKMO. That's not approved.

I expect that CHC will tell the investigators, or they already know, that the "route" this applies to is from the helipad at Black Rock to the helipad at Blacksod. Or in reverse. A route, after all, is from A to B.

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